Frequently Asked Questions

The most common causes of an automatic door not opening are power supply failure to the machine, faulty remote or flat battery. Check that the powerpoint is working and check if the light comes on remote when pressing the button. If power and remote are working you should contact a garage door repairer for further advice/repair. ALL-Style DOORS can assist with this.

Garage doors have many moving parts which need to be inspected, adjusted and lubricated, leading manufacturers recommend annual servicing by trained technicians. ALL-Style DOORS provide preventative servicing / maintenance to garage doors.

Some openers have inbuilt service reminder notifications or it could be an overloading warning.

If your opener is beeping/flashing you should contact a garage door specialist to have your door / opener serviced.

ALL-Style DOORS can do this.

Leading manufacturers recommend having your garage door serviced by a trained technician at least once a year, more frequently if you live in harsh environments ( by the ocean ) or the door has extreme use. Contact us for more information.

Good news, most existing manual doors can be converted to automatic operation. ALL-Style DOORS carry a range of automatic openers for various applications. Contact us to discuss your options.

Yes you need a standard 240V powerpoint to use an automatic opener. For your convenience through our trusted trade partners ALL-Style DOORS are able to co-ordinate a power point installation at the same time as motor installation.

ALL-Style DOORS carry a range of genuine replacement remotes to suit all major brands. Our technicians can attend to program your new garage door remote also ( Sydney metro and southern highlands ). Contact us for availability and pricing.